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Category: Chiropractic

14 Signs You Need Whiplash Treatment After a Car Accident

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on October 18, 2019

Plantation, FL is one of the most dangerous places in the country for drivers.  Over 240,000 people suffer injuries in crashes on Florida roads each year. It may (or may not) surprise you to learn that Broward County tops the list,... Read More

6 Signs You Need Bulging Disc Treatment (and How to Avoid Surgery)

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on September 16, 2019

Many people believe that after a certain age, chronic back pain is just a normal part of life – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Chronic back pain isn’t “normal” at any age. It’s a sign of an underlying condition... Read More

How Does Low Force Chiropractic Work and What is the Activator Method?

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on August 16, 2019

Many people are apprehensive about visiting a chiropractor. The truth is, over 19 million Americans undergo chiropractic manipulations every year with minimal side effects. Low force chiropractic care and the Activator Method are extremely safe when practiced by an experienced professional. Low... Read More

5 Benefits of Choosing Chiropractic Care for Auto Injury Treatment

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on July 18, 2019

No matter how careful you are, driving on Florida roadways puts you at risk for accidents. In 2018, over 254,000 people sustained injuries from Florida crashes. While some injuries are much worse than others, all require comprehensive care to help the... Read More

5 Signs Your Muscle Spasms are From Pinched Nerves

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on June 18, 2019

People often think that aches, pains, and spams are just normal parts of the aging process. Sometimes when we suffer from multiple pains, we may not believe they’re connected. After all, muscle spasms are extremely common and happen for many reasons... Read More

Is Chiropractic the Right Neck Pain Treatment for Text Neck?

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on May 17, 2019

Don’t let the name fool you: “text” neck is not a new phenomenon or only found in teenagers with chronic cell phone use. For decades, students and adults alike have hunched over books and work spaces, putting massive pressure on... Read More

Can Spinal Decompression Treat Herniated Discs?

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on April 18, 2019

Every year, about 600,000 Americans suffer pain from a herniated disc. Men between the ages of 30 and 50 are the most susceptible. You probably have quite a few buddies who slipped a disc while working on their golf swing. Some... Read More

Is Neck Pain Causing Your Chronic Headaches? Choose Chiropractic as Your Headache Treatment

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on January 7, 2019

Chronic headaches can have an overwhelming impact on your day-to-day life and may have you reaching for medication more than you’d like. With around 9/10 Americans suffering from headaches at some point, you’re not alone.  Headaches may be frequent or they may... Read More

The Risks of Not Receiving an Effective Whiplash Treatment

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on December 7, 2018

If you sustain whiplash, it’s highly likely you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident. However, other injuries may also cause whiplash-like symptoms.  Regardless of what’s caused your whiplash, though, it’s crucial you seek the most effective treatment – fast.  Why?  While a... Read More

Why Choose Spinal Decompression as Your Low Back Pain Treatment?

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on November 7, 2018

If back pain is plaguing your life, you’ll know just how debilitating and disruptive it can be. From ongoing aches and pains to herniated discs and worn joints, you may wonder whether you’ll ever find relief from your symptoms.  Thankfully, there... Read More

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