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Important Information Regarding Florida Law & Auto Injury TreatmentAuto Injurie

What you need to know if you are involved in an auto accident:

1. You may have sustained an injury even if immediately you feel no pain.

2. You are entitled to be evaluated by a licensed health care provider, regardless of the extend of your injuries.

3. Regardless of which party is at fault, your Florida PIP auto insurance will pay up to $10,000.00 for necessary medical treatment.

4. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner your problems with be addressed.

5. Many seemingly bizarre symptoms months or even years later can be traced back to an auto accident, so it makes sense to get evaluated as soon as possible

6. You have 14 days following an auto accident to seek medical (chiropractic) care for your injuries. If you do not get evaluated within this time frame, you may loose all claims to benefits. Failure to obtain a timely evaluation (14 days following the accident) or appropriate treatment for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident may negate your ability to receive monetary compensation for any future medical bills resulting from the accident, negate your ability to receive pain and suffering settlements, and negate compensation for work loss.