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Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental traction produces several very important effects in the healing of the spine. These effects include increased vascular and lymphatic flow which tends to reduce edema (swelling) and coagulates seen in chronic tissue congestion. Intersegmental traction also stretches and frees articular and periarticular adhesions and fibrotic infiltrations, thereby is an efficient supplement to manual adjustments. Intersegmental traction further helps to tone muscles which reduces fatigue and restore elasticity and resiliency of the tissues.

Intersegmental traction further improves circulation in the joints of the spine. In spinal injuries or mechanical problems of the spine, the articulations or joints lose their mobility. Traction stretches the joints which opens the facet joint articulation and reduces pressure of the spinal nerves. Traction also opens the facet joint articulations and increases the circulation flow of the spine.