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Hydro-massage Whirlpool

Hydro-massage whirlpool therapy tables are very similar in effect to whirlpools and immersion water therapy but the patient remains dry. The patient lies on his/her back, completely clothed, on the surface of the table. Just under the surface is a mattress filled with heated water. A Jacuzzi pump propels the water toward the patient through three patented hydro-jets.

The pressure of the water against the patient's body provides the massage. Each jet spins at more than 200 revolutions per minute. A primary wave and a lighter secondary wave combine to produce a very effective deep tissue massage to all areas of the spine simultaneously. The therapy can be applied to nearly every part of the body simply by changing the patient's position on the table.

Hydro-massage whirlpool focuses on the muscular system, the connective tissue, the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The combination of flotation, heat and massage produce the therapeutic effects and are described below.

Hydro-massage Whirlpool

The major physiologic effects of hydrotherapy can be summarized as follows:

  • Works out trigger points in the muscles, which are localized areas of hyperirritability that induce a cycle of spasm, pain, tension, weakness and limited range of motion.

  • Increases circulatory and metabolic rates, thereby promoting tissue healing & removal of metabolic toxins.

  • Increases blood volume and oxygen consumption.

  • Soothes irritated nerves.

  • Promotes tissue healing and repair.

  • Relaxes muscles.

  • Relieves fatigue.