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When you have an OWCP claim, it is imperative that you schedule a consultation with an experienced DOL doctor to help you along in your recovery process. A knowledgeable DOL doctor of your choice, not your company’s, will be sure you have your best interests in mind throughout the entire process. When you go through the federal workers compensation process, you may have not always know what you need to bring to your visit. Below are a few tips to follow to guide you along the way.

A Support Person

Bringing someone along to your appointment to support you is always a good idea. They can chime in and ask questions you might have forgotten to ask, or speak on your behalf if you have forgotten any information. They can also offer you a ride if your injuries keep you from driving. Either way, an extra set of ears at the federal workers compensation doctor’s office is always helpful.

A List of Questions

Once you have filed an OWCP claim, you might begin to think of some questions you have pertaining to your injury. Be sure to take note of these questions as you think of them so that you can take your list of questions to the federal workers compensation doctor. Carry around a notebook so you can jot down your questions as soon as you think of them. On the same piece of paper, you can also record the DOL doctor’s answers so that you can remember what his exact instructions. It is imperative to follow the doctor’s specific orders to receive full benefits, so be sure to record answers accurately.


Your doctor will want to know all the important information about your injury. Record your injuries in a notebook for a precise account of what happened to report to your federal workers compensation doctor. The more the doctor knows, the more accurately he can treat your symptoms, which will also help your OWCP claim case. It is also recommended that you bring a list of your current prescription medications for your doctor to review.

In order to make your federal workers compensation claim process as smooth as possible, you will want to consult with a trusted DOL doctor. Be sure to get your full benefits and all your questions answered by the DOL doctor by following the tips above.