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Workplace Ergonomics: Reduce Work Injury and Maintain Optimal Health

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on November 12, 2020

rsz workinjury2Do you feel tired and sore after a long day at work?

You’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from low-energy and pain, which is not necessarily the cause of a work injury.  

Poor posture and ergonomics in the workplace can leave you feeling miserable. Your Plantation chiropractor can provide treatment options and lifestyle/workplace solutions that will improve how you feel after a day at work. 

Good Ergonomics – Important for Work Injury Prevention 

Poor ergonomics can lead to soft tissue injuries. A work injury is detrimental to you in multiple ways: 

  • It’s painful
  • It’s debilitating
  • It can lead to time off of work
  • You could end up with long-term damage

Fortunately, with a strong core, good ergonomic practices, and treatment from your Plantation chiropractor, you can reduce your risk of sustaining a work injury

Ergonomic Recommendations

Good ergonomics goes beyond standing up straight. Ergonomic practices keep your body out of awkward positions that can strain your musculoskeletal system. Recommendations include

  • Keeping your body in the neutral position as often as possible
  • Using ergonomic tools, like footrests, desk chairs, and computer stands
  • Take frequent breaks, move your body, and stretch
  • Using a padded wrist rest while typing for long periods
  • Ensure adequate lighting
  • Take steps to reduce eye strain

Chiropractic Treatment 

If your body is out of alignment, it puts pressure on nerves and joints. It also causes muscle tension and strains your tendons and ligaments—the result: An increased risk of injury.  

Chiropractic adjustments and adjunct therapies reduce your risk of a work injury while keeping you comfortable and pain-free. 

Lifestyle Changes

A healthy body and strong core are vital for injury prevention. Your Plantation chiropractor can recommend various adjustments, such as daily therapeutic and strengthening exercises

Community Health & Wellness Center’s Commitment to Your Health

The team at Community Health & Wellness Center is committed to helping you practice good ergonomics and prevent workplace injury. Dr. Russel Ficara has even developed safety and ergonomics programs for TRW/Experian Corp and Home Depot, just to name a few.

We want you to live your healthiest life possible, free of injuries. To do that, we’ll help you take steps to strengthen your body and improve your overall health. 

Are you tired of feeling sore and exhausted after work? Contact us today at 954-370-7246 to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you find the best solution! 

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