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Is Chiropractic the Right Neck Pain Treatment for Text Neck?

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on May 17, 2019

Woman Suffering from Neck PainDon’t let the name fool you: “text” neck is not a new phenomenon or only found in teenagers with chronic cell phone use. For decades, students and adults alike have hunched over books and work spaces, putting massive pressure on their spinal vertebrae.

Although cell phones have given us just one more reason to have poor posture, experienced chiropractors in Plantation, FL know this condition well and exactly how to provide neck pain treatment for long-term relief.

What Causes Text Neck?

Tilting your head to look down at anything – be it a phone, book, or desk – adds an alarming amount of weight to your spine. Although your head only weighs between ten and 12 pounds, the angle created when you tilt your head multiples that weight. One study found that a

  • 15-degree angle adds 27 pounds of weight.
  • 30-degree angle adds 40 pounds of weight.
  • 45-degree angle adds 49 pounds of weight.
  • 60-degree angle adds 60 pounds of weight.

Try to lift something that weighs 40 or 60 pounds. Now imagine that pressing into your spine every time you tilt your head to look at your phone. By the time you notice pain from text neck, it’s already warped the natural curve of your spine.

Why Should You Choose Chiropractic as Your Neck Pain Treatment in Plantation?

Text neck won’t go away on its own. Chiropractic care is an excellent solution for text neck because spinal adjustments and manipulation gradually bring your neck and spine back to their natural positions.

Your Plantation chiropractor will also give you at-home exercises to improve your posture and some tips for avoiding text neck in the future.

Leading the team at Community Health & Wellness Center, Dr. Howard Dinner has nearly 40 years of experience providing safe chiropractic treatment. Schedule a consultation and x-ray today to treat your text neck by calling 954-370-7246.

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