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How Does Low Force Chiropractic Work and What is the Activator Method?

Written By Community Health & Wellness Center on August 16, 2019

Many people are apprehensive about visiting a chiropractor.

The truth is, over 19 million Americans undergo chiropractic manipulations every year with minimal side effects. Low force chiropractic care and the Activator Method are extremely safe when practiced by an experienced professional.

What is Low Force Chiropractic?

Low force chiropractic care spans a broad range of techniques and treatments that administer low-force and often high-velocity motions to the spine, joints, and vertebrae.

Low-force high-velocity thrusts are the spinal manipulations you’re probably most familiar with.

Your doctor will listen to your medical history and complaints, take x-rays, and draft a personalized treatment plan based on your best chance at long-term wellness – which may include low-force high-velocity spinal manipulations.

The name sounds scary but it’s actually very gentle: you won’t always hear cracking sounds and the treatment is relaxing.

However, feel free to voice any concerns. Your doctor wants you to feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

What is the Activator Method?

The Activator Method employs a specific handheld tool for applying low levels of force to the spine. The spring-loaded mechanism gently pulsates to relieve pressure, improve mobility, and inflammation throughout the spine.

Lying flat on your stomach, your doctor will target different vertebrae or joints throughout your spine.

The Activator technique is an excellent option for anyone concerned that traditional manipulations may be too aggressive.

Comprehensive and Gentle Chiropractic Care in Plantation, FL

The team at Community Health & Wellness Center has nearly a century of combined experience providing comprehensive chiropractic care to patients with a broad range of conditions.

Your doctor will create a personalized treatment plan centered on long-term pain relief and overall health. Every doctor strives to provide help patients live a life free of pain without reliance on medications or surgery.

Are you interested in learning more about gentle chiropractic care? Schedule an appointment at Community Health & Wellness Center to learn more by calling 954-370-7246.

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