Effects of Smart Lipo-Light?

Smart Lipo-Light is the next evolution of standard liposuction. It is an advanced slimming technology for non-invasive body contouring treatment.

Using the power of the latest LED light therapy technology, Lipo-Light is the natural and healthy way to inch loss on the waist, hips, thighs, upper legs, arms, even the chin.

Lipo-Light is a method of body contour improvement without any scarring. The whole treatment is non-invasive, relaxing, pain free and soothing.


How it Works?


Lipo-Light can deliver effective results in just one treatment, but 8 to 16 are best to see results.

Lipo Light safely penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the fat cells. This stimulation opens the cell walls, breaking down the contents, allowing the fat to escape. Fat content is then transported around the body to tissues where it will be “burned off” during a period of post-treatment exercise.

Through exercise and stimulating your lymphatic system, Lipo-Light increases your metabolism to metabolize this fat. This is NOT a surgical procedure. No downtime. No pain.

Lipo-Light can deliver effective results in just one treatment; however, sustained results take place when continued LED Light Therapy is used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime.

Why is it so Great?

The best part about the Lipo-Light is there is no bruising, swelling, burning, pain or anesthesia required; essentially NO SIDE EFFECTS!

Once the fat leaves the fat cells, from the Lipo-Light treatment, it is transported as free fatty acids to the lymphatic system to be used as energy.

Visible results appear immediately and will improve over time. The best part is there is NO PAIN and NO DOWNTIME. In fact, lots of patients describe it as “pleasurable as a hot stone massage.”

Another benefit you can get from Lipo-Light is that it can boost collagen due to heat. Lipo-Light assists in sculpting the body in making the skin firm. The process aids in renewed collagen to the treated area.